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" A friend of mine who had completely changed her life-style and body with Claire's help put me in touch with her. Claire herself has a fantastic body which was an inspiration - she isn't skinny and intimidating, she's fit, strong and healthy and has a great sense of humour. She tailored my sessions to things that kept me interested, like skipping and boxing, two things which I found I loved!  Her sessions were varied and tough enough to get results but not so tough you're dreading it! I felt fitter and tighter all around in just a few weeks. In short - she's fab, and her no nonsense approach is refreshing and inspiring"

Stormit Personal Trainer Claire Cordell

"Claire is an incredible Personal Trainer. She helped me lose 10lbs in 11 days when preparing for a role one time....I'm not going to lie, it was a hard 11 days, but Claire offered more than just training and nutrition advice. She was always on hand to support and encourage and was also tons of fun, even while she absolutely blasting me!"

Stormit Personal Trainer Claire Cordell

Jo Joyner - Actress

Cristian Solemino - Actor/Director

"30lb down and a massive change both physically and mentally. Feeling great :) Couldn't have done it without Claire. Took me weeks to get the courage up to walk into the gym and I'm so glad you were the first person i saw! So supportive, cheering me on during the good times and picking me up during the low times. 
You are a diamond! "

Stormit Online Personal Trainer Online F

"When I started training with Claire I was overweight and not very happy. 4 months later, I've lost over 2 stone! I've started toning muscles and feeling so much happier and more like me again. I couldn't have done it with Claire's motivation , guidance and support. Her dietary advice was a massive help and put me  on the road to rediscovering myself. People comment on how much better I look and most importantly I'm filter and enjoying life more. I know I still have more to lose but Claire is helping every step of the way."

Stormit Studio online Personal Trainer B

Sarah Critoph - Therapy Assistant Practitioner

Melanie Handakas

Stormit Online Fitness Personal Trainer

Melvin Odoom - Radio 1 DJ/TV Presenter

"I have trained with Claire for a while now and she is an experienced and knowledgable Personal Trainer who never fails to keep me motivated. She is extremely professional inside the gym and has also helped to provide me with valuable information about my diet and nutrition, which has been imperative during training."

" When I asked Claire for advice on getting into shape for my wedding and to drop a dress size in 6 weeks she immediately appeared to thrive on the challenge! She advised me on my diet and nutrition and then got me down the gym. Claire encouraged and guided me morning and night with contagious enthusiasm which made getting into shape challenging, rewarding, enjoyable and most importantly successful! I dropped a dress size but most importantly  I felt and looked the most toned  I ever have and in the best shape ever! Claire understood my fitness and strengths better than I did myself. She knew what I was capable of and when to push me to do more  therefore ensuring I achieved my goal. I would recommend Claire as a Personal Trainer to anyone, just be prepared to work hard and sweat loads!"

Angela Wiley - Cardiac Physiologist

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 16.55.39.png

" I am a regular gym goer but I have always struggled with my weight after trying every diet known to man, so I asked Claire's advice on weight loss. She looked at my current eating habits and tailored a nutrition plan that suited my lifestyle. Admittedly I found it difficult initially because I just wasn't used to eating so often! But with Claire's help and encouragement I perservered and after a while the weight started to shift. I've dropped a healthy 2lb per week continously and I'm now 42lbs lighter!! After losing 3 stone in weight and  feeling better and healthier than I ever have, I'm now determined to reach my goal, something I've never been able to achieve in the past. Claire has been so helpful and so encouraging and has kept me on track. Its now become a way of life and I know I'll never need to 'diet' ever again, there's no turning back now!"

Janet Gales - Senior PA

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 16.55_edited.j
Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 16.55_edited.j

"I'm so happy I found Claire Cordell. I​ had been floundering around attempting to maintain a considerable weight loss of 6 stone when I took up Zumba. I find it a fantastic way to burn calories...too good in fact! I was able to eat substantially more than perhaps I should have been and then stagnated. Claire was brilliant and suggested a food plan and some Personal Training in addition to the Zumba. My various old injuries were becoming more and more difficult to manage during class so Claire got me onto a vigorous 30 minute session 2-3 times a week to rehabilitate my knee and shoulder, improve muscle tone, and also to get my metabolism working better. She looked at my food diary and changed what and when I was eating to kick start my weight loss again. I'm happy to say that I have very quickly seen the results!

I hope she never leaves this business as I'm going to hound her for the rest of my active life!"

Ella Kenion - Actress

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