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Online personal training

With work & home schedules becoming more and more hectic these days, it can become increasingly difficult to attend 121 sessions. Early mornings and evenings can get super busy for Trainers as most people want to get their workouts done before or immediately after work. However, now through our online platform we can work with lots more people from anywhere in the world, help guide you with trainining plans, nutrition plans, track your results and help you every step of the way...all the benefits of working with a highly experienced PT whilst  giving you the freedom to train in your own time.

  • Individually tailored training plans

  • Individually tailored nutrition plans

  • Weekly checkins via Zoom

  • STORMIT app providing video examples of all exercises, results tracker, nutrition log, instant messaging platform

  • 7 days a week support

  • Recipe ebooks with calculated macros and calories

Melanie Handakas

"When I started online training with Claire I was overweight and not very happy. 4 months later, I've lost over 2 stone! I've started toning muscles and feeling so much happier and more like me again. I couldn't have done it with Claire's motivation , guidance and support. Her dietary advice was a massive help and put me  on the road to rediscovering myself. People comment on how much better I look and most importantly I'm filter and enjoying life more. I know I still have more to lose but Claire is helping every step of the way."

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