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Claire Cordell

Claire is a Personal Trainer, Nutrition Therapist , competitive Figure Athlete, and the Creator of Stormit, with over 20 years of experience within the world of Dance, Health & Fitness. Specialising in changing Body Composition, her passion lies in trying to help people get on the right path through the bombardment of misinformation that surrounds us today, and show people that it is possible for ANYONE to feel fitter, stronger and healthier, and achieve things that they may have deemed impossible or too hard before. 


“Fitness isn’t just about being a size 8 and having washboard abs. From my experience working with both men and women of all ages, most people just want to feel good about themselves, feel confident within themselves, have the knowledge to ensure they are feeling and staying healthy,  and have the ability to run for the bus without feeling like they’re having a heart attack! This may involve losing weight, it may involve gaining weight….we are all individuals therefore our goals are individual, but the process for that journey remains the same, fuelling ourselves with the right nutrition & simply pushing ourselves to do more.” 

Stormit Claire Cordell Personal Trainer
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Edge Ejike Nneke Ifbb Pro Personal Trainer

EDGE - Ejike nneke

"EDGE" Ejike Nneke IFBB Pro is an expert in the field of Body Composition. With over 30 years of experience within the sport of Bodybuilding, he has competed all over the world representing GB on many of the professional stages. Injury unfortunately ended his competitive career, however since then he has been training and coaching men & women of all levels, helping them achieve their goals, whether that be a journey to stage or simply a full body transformation through lifestyle change.

Dan blaj

Dan is a Personal Trainer and Amateur Bodybuilder, based in North London, UK. He brings the best of what Romanian fitness has to offer being a 2012 National Bodybuilding Champion and one of the youngest Overall title winners. 

Along with finding ways to progress, whilst doing his own training, came the interest and desire to help others improve their physique whether it is building muscle, losing fat or even simply improving skills within different outdoor hobbies or sporting events.  To hone the experience gained through training himself and perfect the art of coaching, he accrued the required knowledge and expertise through different certificates from Europe to the US. 

It all started in his own home with some basic bodyweight exercises and a few dumbbells, all of which you’ll have the pleasure of experiencing right here through the Stormit Membership. 


“When I’m not lifting heavy things or coaching my amazing clients, I love to work on my photography skills, create cool workout templates and really enjoy reading whilst savouring a good cup of mint tea.” 

Stormit Personal trainer london Dan blaj


Stormit Personal Trainer London Gemma Ba
Stormit Studio personal trainer london G

Gemma started training as a Dancer in Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz, Tap and Musical Theatre at Elmhurst Ballet School where she achieved a National Diploma in Dance and Advanced 2 RAD Ballet, continuing on to dance professionally for 7 years. 

She soon found a new passion in the Fitness Industry and became a fully qualified Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor, leading a number of classes from Latin Dance Fitness and Ballet, to HIIT and Spin, as well as private Dance lessons. 


Gemma’s passions are to show clients how dancing is a fun, but affective way to exercise, demonstrating that Ballet Fitness is a great way to develop long lean muscles without the bulk, enhance flexibility and improve balance. 


“Dancing is one of THE best exercises to help you stay young and keep your mind active. 

No matter your fitness levels dancing is for everyone!” 


Lucy has been practicing martial arts for many years. Her skills and experience include:  


  • Freestyle Kickboxing and Taekwondo in the uk 

  • Muay Thai in Thailand 

  • MMA in Australia  

  • Shaolin Kung fu in a temple.  


She is inspired by many teachers ranging from longstanding masters to young artists. 

She is a masseuse specialising in Qi Nei Zang (daoist abdominal massage and qi gong), and she is a volunteer instructor of Kung fu with children. 

Lucy recently spent time in India honing her yoga practice and calisthenics. Meditation and rest are an equal part of her movement practices. 


"Know heart know glory. No heart no glory” 

Stormit lucy stimpson yoga fitness onlin
stormit yoga online fitness lucy stimpso
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